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Tara Illy, an ex-pat who now lives in England, is creative director and founder of The Brew, a lifestyle website that gives a warm, curated blend of inspiration and innovation in and for all walks of life. Being one who also was a part of the 9-5 corporate life, much like our friend Wendy is, I got a chance to ask Tara some questions about what’s it like living in England and how The Brew got started.

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The 5th Ceremony: Graduation 2015

On May 16th at 10am, the “Pomp and Circumstance” tune that I love so dearly served as background music as 100+ of us graduates walked down the aisles. The most important thing on my mind? I hope my graduation cap doesn’t come off. Over 10 bobby pins stood in the way of my curly ‘fro and the graduation cap. But I digress. Sitting in that chair with my academic regalia on, all I could do was think: How did I get here?

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Four Tips for Starting a Blog–Part II

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And we’re back! Here is the second installment of tips that I’ve found useful while embarking on this blogging journey. In the first post, I talked more about motive. Make sure that you are confident, you’re sure that this is something you want love to do. Once you know that you know that you know, find out who you’re going to be writing to. It’ll definitely help you figure out your content. Are you ready for some more tips? View Post

God Will Not Give Up on You

A fisherman steers his boat across fog shrouded Hoover Reservoir as a rowing team practices as the sun begins to rise on a Saturday morning.

A fisherman steers his boat across fog shrouded Hoover Reservoir as a rowing team practices as the sun begins to rise on a Saturday morning.

Friends, these past three years have been the hardest of my life. I started a graduate program (Interior Architecture) without having a formal architecture background, which was okay because the program was three years with a year of prerequisites. Navigating the muddy waters that is graduate school proved to be quite the challenge. More than getting a degree, God showed me myself: I never realized how prideful yet insecure I was, how much I lacked integrity and how lazy I was, lacking all sense of a work ethic.

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…soon and very soon….



I’m one month away from my final thesis presentation and six weeks away from graduation! I’m so excited for what lies ahead of graduation but also how I will grow in character within this last month as things may get a little hectic. I can’t wait to provide you guys with more content on a consistent basis post-graduation. Thank you all for your support. Feel free to browse around and familiarize yourself with things on the site; catch up on all things travel, devotionals and life experiences that I’ve had within the past few months, as soon and very soon…a flood is coming šŸ™‚